2016 Pinot Noir - Muns Vineyard

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The Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir has always been associated with a higher level of plush tannins that allows this wine to age for a very long time. However, this 2016 offering is on the lighter side and shows a more balanced approach to the tannins, and as such has a softer, more rounded mouthfeel. Most winemakers would have simply fined the tannins away using egg whites or gelatin, but I feel that hurts the quality of the wine. My approach is to press off the wine from its skins a little earlier to avoid excessive tannin. If you can taste tannin over sugar, you probably have too much. This allows the wine to be more accessible earlier, and shows off its true fruity nature: red cherries and black cherries, with a touch of blueberries on the finish. Once again, the Santa Cruz Mountains places its stamp of minerality on this wine (always a sign of a great pinot), with hints of cola nut and cinnamon.


2016 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir - Muns Vineyard

  • Alcohol 13.9%
  • 0mg/100ml Residual Sugar
  • PH 3.58
  • 33% Hungarian Oak Type
  • TA 0.69
  • 20 Months Time In Oak
  • ML 0mg/100ml
  • 84 Cases Produced